No Plane No Gain

Shuster: No FAA extension, yet

Politico / 3/29/2017 By Lauren Gardner 

House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster said today the panel is still working on an FAA bill to keep the agency running into fiscal 2018 — and isn't considering an extension yet. 

Asked about the timing of a much-anticipated infrastructure bill at an event sponsored by The Hill, Shuster said that's still in flux, but added that the Sept. 30 expiration date for the FAA is “the timeframe I do have.”

“Along the way we'll see how things shake out, but again we're focused on making sure we have an FAA bill ready to go” by Sept. 30, he said. 

Whether or not to tie a broader infrastructure package to a tax code overhaul is “really a call leadership's going to make,” Shuster said. 

"I want to do an infrastructure bill, and if it goes standalone, I'm good with that," he said. "If leadership says it's better if we put them together, then that's going to be what we do." 

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