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Connecticut Passes Budget Without Aviation Tax Increases

Thanks to successful advocacy efforts by NBAA Members, the Connecticut Legislative Aviation Caucus and the Connecticut Business Aviation Group, the state will continue its role as an important location for business aviation. The House and Senate in Connecticut passed a budget that does not contain the potentially devastating tax increases for aviation that were proposed in earlier versions. The final budget, Senate Bill 1239 has been transmitted to the Governor for his signature.


NYAMA to Hold Advocacy Day

Even as New York faces tremendous economic and political challenges, the aviation industry's significant contribution to the State's economy continues to be undervalued by policymakers. However, as the 2011 legislative session gets underway, the New York Aviation Management Association (NYAMA) will be well prepared to address important issues on your behalf. Our success will be enhanced by a solid presentation about the critical role aviation plays in New York and strong participation by aviation leaders during our Advocacy Day in Albany this Spring.

Save the Date for Advocacy Day!

With this thought in mind, please mark your calendars now as NYAMA will hold its Advocacy Day on March 22, 2011 in Albany, NY. We will need every airport and aviation business to collectively make our case for aviation as a fundamental way to create jobs. Details will be available on our website on on the NYAMA website at very soon!


NBAA Applauds Presidential Signing of Bonus Depreciation

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today lauded President Obama for signing into law legislation that includes a provision for "bonus depreciation," to accelerate cost recovery of strategic business purchases this year, including business aircraft. The measure, included as part of an overall legislative package for small businesses, passed the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate earlier this month.


Long Islanders, Pilots, Aviation Industry Officials Agree: Proposed FAA Helicopter Regulations Should Be Grounded Before Takeoff

The Eastern Region Helicopter Council recently joined several major aviation trade groups, pilots, and citizens in criticizing the FAA's proposed regulation imposing mandatory routes for helicopters operating on Long Island.

In formal comments filed before the FAA, the group called the FAA's proposal "flatly at odds with the federal government's limited role in addressing aircraft noise." The ERHC urged the FAA to work collaboratively with the helicopter industry to mitigate noise concerns, writing that, "The FAA should neither become a national clearing-house for local noise complaints, nor regulator in the first instance of local noise abatement procedures."The FAA's proposal would have the unintended effect of concentrating noise and traffic, to the detriment of safety," added Jeff Smith, Chairman of the Eastern Region Helicopter Council.

The FAA proposed rule has generated a firestorm of controversy. Virtually every major aviation trade group, including the ERHC, Helicopter Association International (HAI), National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA), General Aviation Manufacturing Association (GAMA), and National Air Transport Association ((NATA) expressed opposition and sought a 60-day extension to prepare comments, which the FAA denied. Within 30 days, the agency has received 690 comments, with 86% opposing the proposed rule.

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