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Jet Fast Cleaning Services

Jet Fast has been a leader in the aircraft detailing industry for over 20 years. We proudly service aircraft for many Fortune 500 companies in several different airport locations. Our staff is specially trained in aircraft detailing to maintain the superior appearance of your aircraft. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment is always updated to meet approval on Fire Blocking and Floor Board Corrosion. Jet Fast employs full time detailers who are based at all our locations. We offer our employees monthly training videos and classes to provide proper compliance with OSHA requirements. Our employees receive full benefits, including a 401K plan which helps ensure a dedicated staff with low turnover. Jet Fast prides itself on providing our customers with the most professional and honest work force. As part of that we conduct extensive background checks as well as drug tests on a regular basis. All Jet Fast employees are fully uniformed for easy identification. Whether it is cleaning, safety or security, Jet Fast offers a comprehensive, professional approach to your aircraft detailing needs.