Aircraft Specialties Inc.

We are an FAA and EASA part-145 certified repair station specializing in component overhauls of aircraft wheels and brakes for over 30 years. We can overhaul your unit in as little as 3-5 business days. This includes a full NDT inspection, replacement of bad parts and a fresh paint job.

NDT Inspections: Our NDT Inspections are performed by our Level II Certified Inspectors and include the following; Magnetic Particle, Eddy-Current and Dye Penetrant Testing.

Exchange Program : We have over 300 assemblies built and ready to ship the same day your order is placed. For assemblies that are not already built, our lead time is 3-5 business days.

Machine Repairs
Our in-house machine shop is set up with highly precise tool room CNC lathes and mills with the ability to achieve a tolerance within 0.0001 of an inch. Call for a list of our capabilities.

Tire Change & Local Pickup/Delivery
If you just need a tire change, we've got that covered. We also offer local pickup and delivery

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