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President’s Message

On behalf of LIBAA, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year ! Thank you for your past and present participation and support. As always, LIBAA stands ready to advance the cause of business aviation at all Long Island Airports, and for many aviation causes. Our group is squarely focused on the development and management of safe, credible, efficient, and sustainable activity in our local area. LIBAA provides an essential service and support network to both its members and the greater community – with professionalism, consideration, and qualified oversight.

I encourage you to attend one of our quarterly meetings and enjoy the networking opportunities or share in the experiences of one of our speakers.  Business aviation is a key catalyst for economic escalation, providing employment at many levels, and resulting in a significant contribution to the local and national economy through flight operations, manufacturing, sales, service, support, and maintenance and repair operations. LIBAA plays a role in all these actions and activities with members like you and the greater community.

As we continue to grow as an organization and advocate for aviation in New York State, please know that our relationships with our members are vital to the success of LIBAA. Your feedback is important to us. We would be grateful for any suggestions you have to help us better meet your needs in the future.

Once again, many thanks for your continued membership and participation in 2019 !

Joe Loccisano
President, LIBAA