The Long Island Business Aviation Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 2001 to act as a collective voice for the business aviation community on Long Island, and to assist its members in all aviation related matters. It is made up of a broad cross section of aviation related businesses and aircraft operators, and as an organization, stands ready to advance the cause of business aviation at all Long Island Airports. LIBAA has developed and grown from modest beginnings to become a respected and key part of the business aviation community – and aviation on Long Island as a whole. The Association is squarely focused on the development and management of safe, credible, efficient, and sustainable activity in our local area.

LIBAA provides an essential service and support network to both its members and the greater community – with professionalism, consideration, and qualified oversight. Most important, LIBAA is constantly working to improve, refine, and ensure that aviation remains a safe, dependable, efficient, and credible form of transportation not only in our local area New York, but around the world. It has a daily influence over many people and accordingly plays a very important role in ensuring the current and future success for aviation activities in America – beyond just those of the corporate sector. In an age where “time” has become the coinage of the realm, business aviation fully addresses and answers the need for time management and control, and exists to supplement commercial aviation. Overall, as an industry segment, business aviation is a key catalyst for economic escalation, providing employment at many levels, and resulting in a significant contribution to the local and national economy through flight operations, manufacturing, sales, service, support, and maintenance and repair operations. LIBAA plays a role in all these actions and activities with its members and the greater community.

Our mission is to promote and enhance business aviation with the emphasis on safety, security, operational effectiveness, community relations and environmental concerns as they pertain to Long Island airports. By joining LIBAA, you too will become an important part of ensuring that our collective businesses continue to succeed in today’s challenging environment as your voice is magnified. Topics discussed during our quarterly general membership meetings at different locations throughout Long Island, will address much of what affects aviation businesses and operators using Long Island airports. Experts are chosen to speak on topics such as safety, environmental issues, and community relations. Members gain the opportunity to exchange ideas with knowledgeable aviation industry professionals. We have also established committees to organize and assist with our meetings, membership drives. We welcome all members to join us in progressing our organization, and to assist with the expedition of the issues at hand.