Aviation Jobs Endangered We Need Your Help!

As legislators work to close an estimated $6 billion deficit in the State budget, the idea of re-enacting a state sales and use tax on aviation business activities is being advanced. In 2015, NYAMA helped lead the successful effort to enact the Aviation Jobs Act that repealed New York’s aviation sales tax, resulting in an immediate increase in aviation business activity including aircraft basings, maintenance, fuel sales and much more. The economic impact in new jobs alone far outweighs the de minimis loss of sales tax revenue to the state. The misleading sound bite of “taxing the rich and their private jets”, belies the underlying economic stimulus experienced by the elimination of this destructive tax. Please help NYAMA tell this story by providing specific examples of how the aviation sales tax exemption benefited your airport or business. We need to send a message to the politicians that their proposed actions will destroy jobs and only hurt middle class working families.

NYAMA is looking for your AJA success stories!

If you have projects or initiatives at your airport or business as a result of the successful passing the Aviation Jobs Act (AJA) that eliminated the sales tax on aircraft, we want to hear from you! Send us a note on hangars filled, new hangars being built, increased based aircraft, increased fuel sales, and any other planned projects to meet increased demand.  Send them to info@nyama.aero


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