Industry Support Letter for S.3360

February 27, 2020

The Honorable James M. Inhofe

The Honorable Tammy Duckworth

United States Senate United States Senate
205 Russell Senate Office Building 524 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510 Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senators Inhofe and Duckworth:

As representatives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, companies, schools, and other entities involved in all segments of aviation and aerospace, we are writing to express our strong support for your legislation that would create a National Center for the Advancement of Aviation (NCAA).
We strongly support the creation of a national, independent forum to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between all sectors of aviation and aerospace stakeholders and related partners to coordinate, promote, and support the future of aviation. In particular, we value the National Center’s focus on four key areas: aviation and aerospace STEM curriculum; workforce development, economic and safety data and research sharing, and being a forum for cross-disciplinary collaboration.
The NCAA created by your legislation would ensure that the United States remains a global aviation and aerospace leader in a number of ways. First, it would support education efforts and provide resources to curriculum developers so educators at all levels have the tools and training educate the next generation of aviation professionals. Second, it would serve as a collaborative forum to leverage and share expertise amongst all industry sectors, including empowering the dissemination of existing high school education curriculum in aviation and aerospace programs. Third, it would be a central repository for economic and safety data research and analysis that will enable a collaborative industry to foresee issues and respond proactively. Finally, it would support symposiums and conferences to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration across aviation and aerospace communities.
We greatly appreciate your leadership in introducing this important and much needed legislation. It will ensure a collaborative process to promote our industry and to assist in the development of the next generation of aviation and aerospace workers. Together, with the NCAA, we can meet the challenges of today and those in the future.
AAR Corp
Aeronautical Repair Station Association
Aerospace Center of Excellence
Aerospace Maintenance Council
Air Line Pilots Association, International
Air Medical Operators Association
Air Wisconsin Airlines
Aircraft Electronics Association
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Airlines for America
Alabama General Aviation Alliance
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airmen Association
Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation
Alliance for Airports Across America
Allied Pilots Association
American Airlines
American Bonanza Society
American Yankee Association
Arizona Airports Association
Arizona Pilots Association
Arkansas General Aviation Association
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
Association of California Airports
Atlas Air Worldwide
Aviation Council of Pennsylvania
Aviation Technician Education Council
California Pilots Association
Cape Air
Cargo Airline Association
Cessna Flyer Association
Choose Aerospace, Inc.
Citation Jet Pilots, Inc.
Letter to Senator Inhofe and Senator Duckworth re National Center for the Advancement of Aviation
February 27, 2020
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Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations
Commemorative Air Force
Community and Airport Partnership for Safe Operations
Compass Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Delta State University
EAA Type Club Coalition
EAA Warbirds of America
East Central Ohio Pilots Association
East Hampton Aviation Association
Empire Airlines
Endeavor Air
Envoy Air
Experimental Aircraft Association
ExpressJet Airlines
FedEx Express
Flight School Association of North America
Flying Knights Flying Club
Friends of Linden Airport
Fullerton Airport Pilots Association
General Aviation Council of Hawaii
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Glasair Aircraft Owners Association
GoJet Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Helicopter Association International
Horizon Air
International Air Transport Association
International Council of Air Shows, Inc.
Iowa Aviation Association
Kentucky Aviation Association
Kimmel Aviation Insurance
Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance, Inc.
Lancair Owners and Builders Organization
Lewis University Airport
Long Island Business Aviation Association
Los Alamos Airport
Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates
Maine Aeronautics Association
Maine Aviation Business Association
Massachusetts Airport Management Association
Michigan Business Aviation Association
Minnesota Pilots Association
Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association
Mississippi Agricultural Association
Montana Pilots Association
National Agricultural Aviation Association
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
National Air Transportation Association
National Association of State Aviation Officials
National Business Aviation Association
NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots
New Hampshire Pilots Association
New Jersey Aviation Association
New Mexico Airport Manager’s Association
New York Aviation Management Association
North American Trainer Association
Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission
Oklahoma Airport Operators Association
Oklahoma Pilots Association
Oregon Pilots Association
Palo Alto Airport Association
Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
Petaluma Area Pilots Association
Piedmont Airlines
Piper Flyer Association
Plane and Pilot News
Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
PSA Airlines
Pure White Smoke Oil, Inc.
Red Star Pilots Association
Regional Airline Association
Republic Airways
Rhode Island Pilots Association
San Carlos Pilots Association
Seaplane Pilots Association
South Carolina Aviation Association
South Dakota Pilots Association
Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Pilots Association
Start Skydiving, Inc.
Sturdivant Brothers Flying Service
T-34 Mentor Association
The Boeing Company
The Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington
Trans States Airlines
U.S. Contract Tower Association
U.S. Parachute Association
United Airlines
Veterans Airlift Command
Virginia Aviation Business Association
Washington Pilots Association
Washington Seaplane Pilots Association
Women in Aviation International
Zerowait, Inc.