MacArthur Airport Adds Two New Layers of Protection To Further Support Wellness and Peace of Mind for Long Island Travelers

Islip, NY – June 12, 2020 – Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter and MacArthur Airport
Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken announced today, two new cutting-edge measures that
have been installed at Long Island MacArthur Airport, designed to prevent the spread of COVID19.
This week, the airport began the installation of Silver Defender adhesive films to high-touch
surfaces, such as water fountains, elevator buttons and bathroom door handles, as another
layer of COVID-19 protection. MacArthur Airport is the first airport in the nation to add Silver
Defender adhesive film to keep frequent touchpoints germ-free. This measure is in addition to
the CASPR Air Purification System already in place at Long Island MacArthur Airport-the first
airport in the nation to use this leading-edge technology to continuously disinfect air and
“Long Island MacArthur Airport is an economic engine for our region. We believe that getting
people back to work, and back to their families and to the things they enjoy after COVID-19, is a
vital role. We intend to put the necessary energy and leadership behind that goal,” explained
Supervisor Carpenter.
“As our community reopens and our customers plan to travel, we are ready to provide our
passengers with peace of mind. We want travelers to know that MacArthur Airport is
constantly innovating and taking steps to ensure the terminal is clean and comfortable,” said
Commissioner LaRose-Arken.
Silver Defender uses a silver ion coating that deactivates bacteria and viruses, and is harmless
to people and pets. Each coating provides protection for 90 days, and replacement wraps are in
stock at ISP to ensure customer protection into the future. New Jersey-based Silver Defender
manufactures the antimicrobial films that pierce the outside cell membrane of germs,
interrupting their DNA.
Silver Defender and other disinfecting measures do not replace hand washing or other CDC
guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. They do combine to provide a clean
terminal environment, and work in tandem with the stringent sanitizing methods airlines are
incorporating onboard aircraft.
On May 8, Long Island MacArthur Airport became the first airport in the nation to install and
activate a continuous air and surface pathogen reduction technology, CASPR, to safeguard its
customers. The system was an innovative and important step that positions the airport as a
leader in travel industry recovery post-COVID-19.
“COVID-19 was tragic and devastating to so many families and businesses. With tenacity and
hope, our airport leadership went to work on finding wise and science-based methods to safely
return people to work, recognizing that the highest standards of sanitation and health for our
customers and employees was a priority,” said Supervisor Carpenter. “The people of Long
Island are always strong in spirit and creative in their thinking. We put our focus on being ready
to fulfill essential travel needs, and quickly moved forward to ensure their level of comfort.”
Recognizing that customers may need supplies to feel safe while traveling, MacArthur Airport is
providing a new vending machine that distributes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as
face coverings, sanitizer and wipes.
“Customers can purchase PPE from the Clean & Safe Travels vending machine outside the TSA
checkpoint north wall. We want to make it easy for customers to fly safely and comfortably
with the new health and safety requirements,” LaRose-Arken said.
Prepango is the owner and operator of the Clean & Safe vending machines. The vending
machines are also touchless, so customers can pay with their phones and fly healthy with
additional peace of mind.
“The extra space at MacArthur Airport along with other measures we continue to evaluate and
implement, make Long Island’s hometown airport a safe and healthy travel option when our
customers are ready. We look forward to welcoming travelers visiting family, taking an
inexpensive flight, planning a summer vacation, or getting back to business travel. We plan to
continue to identify new flight options and take cutting-edge actions as the recovery and
reopening continue,” said Supervisor Carpenter.
ABOUT LONG ISLAND MACARTHUR AIRPORT: Long Island MacArthur Airport customers enjoy
flights on three major US domestic air carriers: American Airlines, Frontier Airlines and
Southwest Airlines. Together these carriers currently provide service to nonstop and numerous
connecting cities. Pre-Covid-19, the airport served 1.6M passengers annually and employed
6000 people directly and indirectly, with a $16.9M annual operating budget and an economic
impact of $600M to the region and local economy.


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