URGENT! Contact Governor Hochul Today to Urge Veto of SB 7493A

LIBAA is actively working with stakeholders to oppose legislation, which would be detrimental to business aviation across the state of New York. Having passed the State Assembly and State Senate, the bill was transmitted to Governor Kathy Hochul on December 12th. The Governor now must sign or veto the bill by December 23rd. NBAA and numerous aviation organizations strongly oppose this legislation and ask you to contact Governor Hochul TODAY to urge her to veto the bill. 

Senate Bill S7493A would allow anyone to sue a pilot, flight department, line service personnel, or company employee for alleged rotorcraft noise pollution by a flight operation in the state of New York, even if the operation complied with federal law and regulations.

Please take action today urging Governor Hochul to veto New York Senate Bill S7493A and let her know that you strongly oppose this legislation that will have detrimental effects to you and business aviation. If you have already communicated with the Governor, please do so again as the matter is urgent and time is of the essence.

In New York, the general aviation industry is responsible for 43,200 jobs and more than $8.6 billion in total economic output. The Governor must hear from the general aviation community that this legislation will be detrimental to business aviation across the state of New York.

Use the form on this page TODAY to email Governor Hochul and ask her to veto Senate Bill S7493A.

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